Hospice in Branson, Missouri

Offered in the Branson Region, Managed out of Springfield, MO

Hospice care generally happens when someone nears the end of life. However, it doesn’t mean the end of hope. We believe in new beginnings at Phoenix Home Care & Hospice, which is why we promise to provide health care that uplifts and edifies our clients receiving hospice care in the comfort of their own home.

Our Hospice Mission

Our Hospice services are designed to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of our clients and their families facing end-of-life health care needs with dignity, compassion, and continuity of care.

What Is Hospice?

Hospice provides comfort care and focuses on quality of life. Hospice is a benefit that is available to those who are facing a life-limiting illness. Hospice does not give us the power to shorten or prolong life. Hospice gives us the power to choose how we live.

What does the Hospice Benefit Include?

Am I ready for Hospice?

People often see hospice as giving up. However, hospice is a New Beginning. When a person says yes to hospice, they are saying:

Is It Time?

If you or a loved one have experienced the following it may be time to consider hospice:

Who Pays for Hospice?

Medicare & Medicaid provide 100% coverage for hospice services. Most private insurances include some coverage for the hospice benefit. The Phoenix Hospice team works directly with you and your physician to create an individualized plan of care that will meet your needs and help you live life the way you choose.

The team at Phoenix understands the decision to choose hospice can be difficult. We will send one of our hospice experts to visit you in your home to explain the hospice benefit and explain how hospice can make your life better. We want everyone to have the opportunity to understand the value of hospice before decisions are made.


Hospice offered from the Branson, Missouri Office by County

Offered in Branson, MO, Managed out of Springfield, MO