Andrea Porter, PTA

Meet our employee spotlight, Andrea Porter, from the Springfield Area! 

Andrea has been a part of team Phoenix for 2 years and has made a huge impact on her clients and coworkers. We received this wonderful review from one of her coworkers. 

“In working with a mutual patient, it has been described to me that ‘I don’t know what I would’ve done without Andrea. She really helped me with those exercises and I can actually get out of bed and move without being in pain.’ I know our patients don’t always express things directly to us and I wanted everyone to hear this review. Andrea has truly helped this patient physically and mentally. She is more confident in herself and she has told me more than once that Andrea helped her to feel safer in her home.” 

We asked Andrea, “What does the X-Factor mean to you?” ( The X-Factor is the personal and professional abilities of our nurses and caregivers to use their experience , orientation to serve, skill set, optimism, passion, honesty, & compassion to bring the very best care to our clients and their families.) 

“X-Factor is important because IT will make each treatment a success and that patient one more step toward independence. X-Factor means you are looking through your knowledge glasses and seeing each patient where they are today, what they need today, and catering to those needs. Using your skills in this unique home and setting, to improve this situation, to the benefit of this patient. It is knowing that each treatment must be tailored to that patient, and working with anticipation of great results.” 

Andrea is wife and mother of two. She is also a 4th degree blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do and a certified Zumba instructor. She has used her dance experience in some treatments. Phoenix is very grateful to have her on our team! 

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