Best Practices for Medication Management for In-Home Care

One vital service that Phoenix Home Care provides to our clients is Phoenix Pharmacy. This service helps our in-home clients manage their medications. Phoenix Pharmacy provides services that make medication management easier, including monthly phone calls to pharmacies to refill vital medications, communicating with pharmacy professionals so clients get the meds they need, and our WellPack solution with individual pouches that organize daily medications. 

Today’s blog from Phoenix Home Care’s in-home care services team explains some best practices for medication management.

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General Medication Management Practices

The overall goal of medication management is to make sure our clients always take the right medicines, in the correct dosages, in the right way, and at the right time. This means understanding a doctor’s prescription, the pharmacy’s instructions, and how often prescriptions should be refilled (if needed).

Communication With the Care Team

Medication management for in-home care services starts with communicating with our clients’ care team, especially at the time of discharge from a hospital. The staff at Phoenix Home Care will talk to your care team about medication changes, upcoming medical tests, follow-up appointments, and patient education resources sent home with the patient. 

Phoenix Home Care’s team will tell our clients and their loved ones who to contact if they require more information from licensed medical professionals, such as doctors or nurses, on their care team. We’ll make sure important contact information is on hand, including the doctor’s contact information, emergency service information, and who to talk to about medication questions. 

Communication With Clients

Phoenix Home Care’s medication management takes a client-centered approach. We’ll make sure each and every client takes the right medications when they’re supposed to and in the right amounts. Feel free to ask our staff questions at any time, and we’ll answer your questions promptly.

Double-Check Medications

Our staff double-checks which prescriptions need refills and which ones don’t. We’ll read over side effects, contraindications, and interactions between medications that may affect a client’s health outcomes. Our trained in-home care staff will also look over a prescription list for duplicate medications, especially if the patient sees more than one care team.

Medication Management Made Easier

The most convenient aspect of medication management at Phoenix Home Care is our simple solution for how clients take their medications. Our staff provides clearly-marked, individual WellPack pouches sorted by the time of day for each dose, according to the doctor’s prescription instructions as part of in-home care. 

Managing Medications With Skilled Care Professionals

Skilled home health aides at Phoenix are licensed medical professionals with additional training and certification. For example, our nursing staff can assess prescription medications, over-the-counter products, discharge papers from the hospital, medication changes, and side effects. Nurses can ask our clients the right questions to see if medications are causing difficulties, such as “Are you sleeping better?” Our clinicians will teach clients how to assess their own condition as they add or subtract medications from their regimen.

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Phoenix Pharmacy & In-Home Care 

Phoenix Pharmacy strives to create the best possible healing outcomes for clients who wish to live at home. Questions? Contact Phoenix Home Care or call toll-free 1-888-830-2388 for more details about Phoenix Pharmacy.

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