Brandi Skinner

Meet Brandi Skinner, a LPN, in the Springfield region!

“Without a doubt, God gave me the heart that I have. I grew up in a very loving family and watched as my mom made the transition from being a CNA to an LPN. As a young child I saw her love and passion for her family and later watched as she cared for her own grandmother and father as their health began to fail. Those experiences helped shape me and gave me the determination to get through nursing school. Building connections and bonds with past and current patients gives a great sense of fulfillment!”

“Outside of work I enjoy being Indiana Jones! I love exploring! Some of the best memories that I have were when my husband, Michael and I were living in Arkansas and would drive into Oklahoma and go to abandoned locations (sometimes, even whole towns). Days past really interest me and to see some of these places-which almost seem like time capsules-is very interesting! I also love traveling, hiking, and anything that gives me a good dose of adrenaline!”

“I enjoy being able to have that one-on-one time with my patients and really being able to build a solid relationship with them. You’re not always afforded that in a lot of other healthcare settings. I’ve worked home health as a nurse but not in this same capacity. I have really grown to enjoy and appreciate the long-term care assignments!

“For anyone who has any experience in the healthcare world, they know that companies that show appreciation for their employees is a dying breed. I’ve worked healthcare since I was 18 and can truly say in those 14 yrs, I have not felt as appreciated as I do here. Be it the sporadic texts, gifts, cards in the mail- Phoenix has gone above and beyond to show their appreciation. Healthcare is a challenging field to be in and can be quite overwhelming at times. Having a company that goes above and beyond to show you that you are valued-TRULY valued makes it all worthwhile.”

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