Meet Christa Ludwick, a LMSW, in the Topeka region!

“I have such a drive to help others, I always have since I was a young child. Hospice has a special place in my heart-I was truly inspired after I saw what they were about when they cared for my cousin who passed away at 30 y/o. I was a caregiver to her for many years and witnessed first-hand the aftermath of what chemo and radiation can do to someone. She was diagnosed with medulablastoma at age 7 and was told she would not make it to her teen years, but she surpassed that and lived to be 30. It’s so eye opening to think about that-because I am at the age she was when she passed away-and she had lived through so, so much.  Hospice gave her the ability to truly live. I wanted to have that type of impact on others and their families, so I chose hospice, or rather hospice work chose me.”

“My happy place is in nature hiking. I love being outdoors and any type of physical activity. I love lifting weights, running, going for night walks,  shooting hoops, and just being outdoors. I also give massages on the side (I’m an amateur and not licensed but I’m pretty good at what I do ).  I also love spending time with my friends; we usually have friends over nearly every day-my home is always open.”

“I get to meet the patient and their families where they are. Social work is all about meeting the client where they are at, and I get to do that working in home care. I experienced working in a hospital and other institutional settings but I didn’t truly feel like I was making much of an impact because I never could truly meet the client where they were at-not only this but working in those settings forced us to be quick with care and so we ended up missing things or didn’t have the ability to be as intentional because of the quick discharges. Here, I get to spend time with the patient and families.”

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