Columbia PDN Nurse Spotlight Lynn Plemmons LPN

Columbia PDN Nurse Spotlight Lynn Plemmons LPN- Hired 2/7/2013.

Lynn says her passion comes from seeing a child with special needs grow and develop into their own personality. To see a child smile when they do something for the first time that has taken them so long to accomplish. Something that everyone else has taken for granted.

“My oldest son was in a head on collision, and he had a very long recuperation time, that is when I became really interested in home care. It was kind of like my own wake up call. As to why Phoenix? I believe in their motto” New Beginnings” Sometimes we all go through a new beginning of some sort and it helps to know there are people that can help you go through it. At Phoenix there is always someone to talk to for guidance and encouragement and you are truly appreciated for everything you do.”

Pictured with her client Aiden Henderson.

lynn-plemmons-july-phoenix-home-care-2 lynn-plemmons-july-phoenix-home-care-1

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