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Consider a Nursing Career Working with Children and Young Adults with Specialized Needs

Become a Private Duty Nurse in Your Missouri Community

When seeking a career transition, many nurses have questions about what they’ll be doing in a nursing role outside of the hospital NICU setting.

Our team is available to answer all your questions so you can make an informed decision before applying for a young adult and pediatric nursing position with us. Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect if you’re thinking of making a career change, providing private duty nursing care in your patients’ homes.

What Is Private Pediatric Nursing?

The Healthy Children and Youth Private Duty Nursing service from Phoenix Home Care & Hospice aims to enrich the quality of life of the children and their families we serve. These children with specialized care needs require our compassionate team to meet unique challenges.

As a private duty nurse, you’ll provide medical assistance tailored to each child’s needs, keeping them as healthy, active, and independent as possible.

In Missouri, Healthy Children and Youth nursing is covered through Medicaid, allowing skilled nurses to provide meaningful care to families who need it.

Private nursing careers are in demand, as more and more families choose to leave the hospital and long-term care facilities in favor of more comfortable environments for their young loved ones. As such, transitioning from the hospital to private duty nursing is easier than ever – and you can begin your career change today with Phoenix Home Care & Hospice by applying online.

Who Are My Patients as a Private Duty Nurse?

Children and youth who need pediatric nursing may have a life-limiting diagnosis or chronic illness that necessitates ongoing skilled nursing care, or they may be recovering from an accident, surgery, or acute illness and need temporary support where they live.

Private duty nurses follow a high standard of care by helping with:

  • Medication injections or IV therapy
  • TPN or G-tube feeding tube management
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Medication administration and management
  • Personal care, such as bathing
  • Cough assist or ventilator management
  • Blood draws
  • And more

This work enables children and youth to remain at home, in familiar and comfortable surroundings, with their family, rather than spend more time in a hospital or long-term care facility.

Benefits of Becoming a Private Duty Nurse

NICU and pediatric nurses often seek career changes after realizing just how much better their lives and their patients’ lives can be outside of the hospital setting. Nurses who make the transition often discover that private duty nursing allows them to return to the reasons they got into nursing in the first place: to provide a high standard of care to patients, with a one-on-one focus.

If you’re considering a nursing career working with children with specialized needs, you can expect the following important benefits from your role, particularly if you join Team Phoenix:

  • Competitive pay
  • New experiences and challenges every day – no monotony!
  • One-on-one, focused care for each of your patients in your community
  • Medical insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Ongoing professional development and training
  • Working with inspiring children and their families
  • Flexible work schedules that you set yourself, so you can meet your own family’s needs and practice self-care
  • Quick and easy application process – apply now!


What Our Pediatric Nurses Say About Working for Phoenix Families

Compassionate nurses like you love the work they do in private duty nursing. Here’s what members of our team say about their careers and working with Phoenix Home Care & Hospice.

  • “I can really focus on my patients’ needs and meet them with love and emotion as opposed to trying to care for a large group of patients and just ‘get the job done.’ If you want to work for a great company who really cares about their patients, then Phoenix is the place to be.” – Lindsey D., LPN
  • “I get to serve the little patient. I get to serve siblings. I get to serve parents. And I get to serve the nurses that do that work. I get to fan their flames. I’m in a unique situation where I get to serve everybody, but everybody gets to serve someone.” – Wendy A., RN
  • “I tell others in our field that if they need some blessings in their life, then definitely come work in private duty nursing at Phoenix!” – Kathy C., LPN
  • “If you are contemplating working with Phoenix, I would tell you to go for it. Know and believe your questions will be answered when you ask. Every home you work in will be different, and in my experience, Phoenix believes in backing their nurses with flexible schedules. Come see what we are about! You will be so happy you did!” – Brenda N., LPN


How to Find Pediatric Nursing Jobs in Missouri

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice offers Healthy Children and Youth Private Duty Nursing in Missouri in the following cities and their surrounding areas: Branson, Independence, Jefferson City, Joplin, Lebanon, Sedalia, Springfield, and St. Louis.

You can start your private nursing career by searching for jobs on our careers page. To begin, visit our careers page and click “View jobs.” Then, use the dropdown filters to narrow down your search by location. In the “department” dropdown filter, select “Private Duty Nursing for Children and Young Adults (PDN).”

We look forward to reviewing your resume and talking to you about how you can make a difference by joining Team Phoenix!

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