Cullie DeMoure, CNA

Meet Cullie DeMoure! Cullie is a CNA in our Springfield region. 

 “I have a passion for people. I genuinely CARE about each one of my clients. I see what each situation needs from me and I fill that need, it’s not easy for most when they find they are unable to take care of themselves anymore or for the family that has exhausted themselves doing their best to care for their loved one and just need help. It fills my heart to be what people need at their most difficult time of life.”

 “I chose private home care because out of all the areas of healthcare I’ve had the privilege to work in, home care gives me the time to do the little things and to build meaningful relationships with my clients and their families in their homes. Phoenix gets me in the homes of those who need my help to care for them at the highest level of care.” 

 “I would encourage someone who really cares about others to pursue a job in healthcare at Phoenix. Be ready to work at 100% and give it everything you have or don’t do it at all. If you are afraid you don’t know enough to do this job come see me I will teach anyone who truly wants to learn! The more we know, the better service we provide our clients!” 

 “X factor to me means always being honest, kind, compassionate, always standing up for myself and most importantly our clients.  To operate with professionalism and integrity each and every day, and exude EXCELLENCE in everything I do.” 

 Interested in an opportunity to serve with Phoenix Home Care & Hospice like Cullie? Apply today at or call/text a recruiter at 855-881-7442.

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