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Easy Field Trips for Your Loved One Receiving Hospice Care

Enrich Your Loved One’s Daily Life and Create Memories Together

Hospice care relieves symptoms of disease and side effects of medications as your loved one lives with terminal illness. Just because a patient requires hospice care doesn’t mean they must give up doing things they enjoy. In fact, hospice can help patients continue their hobbies, daily tasks, and more, as they embrace and enjoy living.

As your loved one’s caretaker, it can be hard to overcome your own fears about your loved one – especially when they want to adventure out into the world beyond their home. With support from your loved one’s hospice care team, you can plan “field trips” and other outings to add vibrance to daily life. Be sure to carefully consider safety precautions and your loved one’s needs and preferences.

Always Ask Your Loved One – and Their Hospice Care Team

Before planning day trips or short excursions with your loved one receiving hospice care at home, you should talk to your loved one’s care team. This team of experts can provide suggestions for making the outing more comfortable, fun, and safe for your loved one.

Before taking your loved one on an outing, ask them their opinion of attending, too. If they’re not enthusiastic about the day trip or errand, they may prefer to stay home and rest – or do something else entirely. Your loved one should be a key player in your decision as they embrace life every day.

What to Consider When Bringing Along Your Loved One on Hospice

When your loved one receiving hospice care is looking forward to leaving home to run errands, attend a luncheon with friends, or participate in other outings, you can help ensure their safety and enjoyment when they go.

If your loved one is immunocompromised, it’s smart to ensure their outing doesn’t involve crowds. Your loved one can wear personal protective equipment, like a medical-grade mask, to help mitigate risk. Ensure they wear it properly and that it fits well for their safety.

If your loved one tires easily, consider how you’ll keep them safe if they need to stop to rest. Are there designated areas along the route? Or will you need to familiarize yourself with the area you’re visiting to identify where you could make rest stops?

Empower Your Loved One to Make Their Own Decisions

The bottom line is to think about your loved one’s condition and opinions before planning field trips or other outings.

If your loved one remains vibrant and energetic throughout their hospice care, they may be excited for an adventure. If your loved one feels weak or tired, rely on them to let you know if they can handle an outing.

Short Trip Ideas for Home Hospice Patients

Depending on your loved one’s current physical condition and medical needs, consider these outing ideas for adding fun and enjoyment to their remaining days.

  • Dine in a restaurant and indulge in delicious food and engaging conversation with friends and family. Social interaction fosters positive emotions and creates memories.
  • Visit an art or history museum. Learning doesn’t end at any stage of life. Temperature-controlled buildings like museums may be more comfortable to visit than outdoor attractions like the zoo.
  • Plan a weekend retreat. Get out of the house, stay in a hotel, and use its amenities to the fullest, including the spa, hot tub, and room service.
  • Attend a musical performance, whether your loved one adores rock ‘n’ roll or loves opera. Choose tickets with assigned seats for a more relaxing experience.
  • Take the dog to the dog park. Fresh air improves mood, and it’s hard not to feel joy when playing with a beloved pet.
  • Go grocery shopping. Participating in everyday tasks helps bring about a sense of normalcy for hospice patients.

Does your loved one need additional help with activities of daily living, or do you require respite care? Consider private duty care from Phoenix Home Care & Hospice.

Tips for Taking Your Loved One Along

Follow these tips for bringing along your loved one receiving hospice care at home on your errands, luncheon, social visits, or day trips.

  • Schedule trips around your loved one’s home hospice team’s visits. This helps maintain your loved one’s routine and ensure they’re comfortable and well enough to attend.
  • Be flexible. As symptoms flare, your loved one may need to head home early, or you may need to change plans.
  • Know your limits. Outings should never be longer than your loved one can comfortably handle.
  • Bring along all the necessities. Light jackets, medication doses, snacks, bottled water, and other items can keep your loved one comfortable as you drive to your destination or during your outing. Involve them in choosing these items and asking them what they may need. They’re experts in their own bodies and minds.
  • Before booking tickets or finalizing plans, inquire with the venue about special accommodations and accessibility, if applicable to your loved one’s needs.


Get Help from a Dedicated Hospice and Palliative Care Team

To ensure your loved one can enjoy life’s little adventures as long as possible, turn to Phoenix Home Care & Hospice for hospice and palliative care services – plus home health care, private duty care, and more – in Kansas and Missouri.

Our skilled hospice teams help your loved one manage their terminal illness once medical treatments have stopped and add value to life with the promise of a new beginning.

Request more information about hospice care where your loved one lives.

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