Hillary, BSN, RN, CHPN

Meet Hillary, BSN, RN, CHPN from Wichita! Hillary is a part of our Comprehensive Disease Management and Palliative Care Team.

We asked Hillary, “What gives you the passion to do what you do?” Hillary replied, “Home Care is the most misunderstood and most needed field in healthcare. Many patients are unable to leave their home to receive proper medical care, leading to unnecessary hospitalizations. Phoenix offers many home care options, giving patients more opportunities to stay connected to not only their providers, but also valuable resources which help patients adhere to treatment plans and reduce the need for hospitalizations.”

We also asked her, “What would you like to tell others contemplating working at Phoenix Home Care and Hospice?” She answered” If you are looking for a company that prioritizes patients as much as you do, then Phoenix is the right place for you! Whenever I have had new ideas on how we can support our teams and patients, the leadership team has been open and receptive to suggestion, implementing new strategies and processes to maximize healthcare across the board. Phoenix truly embodies the phrase, “Teamwork makes the dream work”!”

When it comes to her free time Hillary shared, “When I’m off duty, you’ll find me running through Chisolm Creek Nature Reserve or through Sedgwick County Park with my dog Riggs and at the baseball Diamond with my family watching my favorite player—my son, #99 Asher!”

Keep on shining your light on those around you Hillary. We are thankful for your attentive care for your patients and team!

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