How Does Hospice Help the Family?

If your loved one has recently been diagnosed with a chronic disease or is nearing the end of his or her life, there are probably a lot of questions you’re hoping to have answered. You might be uncertain about long-term medical care or pain management, or you might be overwhelmed by the number of options available. Many people are curious about how hospice care influences the entire household or the family at large. At Phoenix Home Care & Hospice, we understand that end-of-life treatment doesn’t stop with the patient. So how does hospice help the family?

What Is Hospice?

Hospice offers end-of-life care that focuses on providing the patient with a loving and comfortable environment. Instead of receiving care or long-term treatment inside a hospital, patients can receive care at home with the help of 24-hour medical assistance through a hospice program. For many patients, hospice gives them a chance to return to their home, where they can be surrounded by loved ones and live out the remainder of their life in a place that is familiar and comfortable. 

In most cases, hospice care begins when a patient’s doctor makes a formal request, but patients’ needs vary. This is why the scope of treatment and care while in hospice differs from case to case. Hospice can cover a wide range of services aimed at pain management and medical care. PBS put together a comprehensive list of hospice care, which can include everything from drug and symptom management to speech and physical therapy. But hospice care also focuses on preparing the family and providing any emotional support and therapy they might need.

How Does Hospice Help the Family?

A patient’s network of family, friends, and caregivers also benefit from the assistance and support hospice provides. Thanks to a team of hospice aides, social workers, and volunteers, families of those receiving hospice care have easier access to support. This can often make a difficult time easier for the patient and their loved ones. Grief counselors and case workers can assist families as they begin planning for life after their loved one passes away. They can connect a patient’s loved ones with support groups that can offer invaluable insight and emotional counseling.

Medical professionals can help families and caregivers assist in the daily needs of the patient. They can also prepare them for what might come next in terms of medical care. If a family needs emotional support, hospice volunteers are always ready to lend a sympathetic ear. This could come in the form of regular phone calls, spiritual counseling, or gathering educational materials.

Finally, hospice care can also improve and lengthen the time family and friends have with the patient. According to the Remington Report, which looked at a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association (JAMDA), increasing hospice services can reduce hospital admissions. This is in part because most patients receiving hospice care experience less stress and worry when they are treated in a familiar environment where they’re looked after by a team of medical providers.


Providing a calm and comfortable environment for patients is at the heart of hospice care, but the patient’s family and loved ones are also kept in mind. Oftentimes, the family needs as much emotional support and medical advice as the patient. Luckily, hospice providers are there to offer assistance and comfort whenever possible. 

If you or someone you love could benefit from hospice care services, or if you’re wondering how does hospice help the family, we can answer your questions. We hope you’ll consider Phoenix Home Care & Hospice. Committed to facing life’s challenges with grace, respect, and compassion, we strive to deliver excellence that exceeds expectations with empathy and positivity. Learn about the benefits of hospice care or explore hospice services we offer by contacting Phoenix Home Health Care today at 855-881-7442.

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