Katrina Wessel, CNA/HHA

“I have been with Phoenix since August of 2016.”

“My kids are my passion and drive. They are my reason for being and keep me pushing forward every day. I also truly and honestly can say that I love the work that I do. I love seeing the smiles on my patients faces when they see me. I love helping make their life easier in any way possible especially at such a vulnerable time in their life. I think it is truly rewarding work to be able to be there for someone and the family in their last moments.”

“Outside of work I enjoy being with my 5 kids, friends, and family. We love spending time outside on our farm and going places such as the zoo. I am also a Girl Scout leader and am always doing something with my Girl Scouts.”

“I chose home care because I feel I am able to get more personable with my patients in their home setting then I am in a facility setting, I love that when I am with my patients, it is only that one patient that I need to think about, and I can focus fully on them and be with only them.  I chose Phoenix because their mission statements and values stood out to me. I continue to choose Phoenix because I love my coworkers and team! I love that I have been able to watch the OP Hospice department grow from the very first patient to where we are now.”

“If you are contemplating working for Phoenix, I would encourage you to give it a go! We have some really amazing people on our team, and we are always growing. We are always looking for compassionate, honest, hardworking individuals to join our team! Give us a call today!  

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