Michael Watt, Private Duty Nurse

Meet Michael Watt, a nurse on our Private Duty Nursing team in our St. Louis region!

“I grew up watching the Television show Rescue 911 with my grandmother who was a former nurse.  I loved that show and vowed that I wanted to help others when I grew up. After exploring different fields such as being an EMT, I decided I wanted to be a nurse because of all the time they get to spend with their patients and work with them.”

“Home care really focuses on the nurse and patient relationship dynamic more than any other area of nursing.  You are focused on working with your patient all day and really get to know your patients as a person.  You do not just move from patient to patient constantly but really get to form that dynamic working relationship with your patients.  I chose Phoenix because I heard they worked with pediatric patients. I know that children really need help as it is difficult for them to have to go through these health problems at such a young age.  They really need someone who will devote their time to them and help them through the process.”

“Phoenix is a great company to work for because they really do show a level of caring for their patients that you do not see everywhere.  They devote their time to doing the best to help these families.  They also care for their employees and treat them well.”

“To me the X factor is devoting your whole self to the care of your patient in all aspects.  Nursing is much more than identifying and treating physical symptoms as there is spirituality, psychological, and social aspects to help with when treating the totality of our patients.”

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