Miranda Killough, LPN

Meet Miranda Killough! Miranda is an LPN in Springfield, MO region!

“I’ve always felt a calling to help others. My passion comes from knowing that I’m making a difference in my client’s life. I enjoy watching them succeed in any goals they may have and being a part of their journey. “

“I enjoy the close interactions that come with Home Care. When you’re caring for your clients for years, you build strong relationships with the client’s whole family. These relationships are priceless and last a lifetime. Phoenix does a great job at matching an employee with a family that will result in many years of exceptional care and memories. “

“I would tell others contemplating going to work for Phoenix… to just go for it! Phoenix was my first job right out of Nursing school and I’m thankful for every experience and relationship I’ve made over the years. Phoenix is an amazing company to work for and the leadership is outstanding. They truly do care about their employees. “

“Having the X-factor means not just your skillset to care for your client but going into their home with the best attitude and passion to make a difference. ” 

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