Nucoal Hursman

Meet Nucoal Hursman! Nucoal is a Caregiver in the Springfield region!

We asked Nucoal to share with us what gives her the passion to do what she does. This is what she said, “My grandparents. If they hadn’t given me the chance to care for them then I would have never gotten this experience in this kind of field. I took care of my grandparents before they passed and enjoyed every minute of it, and ever since then, I’ve been working in-home care off and on. I went with Phoenix because they had more to work with.”

We asked Nucoal to share what she would like people to know who are contemplating a career with Phoenix. She said, “Build memories with your clients that you will treasure for many years to come.”

For Nucoal, the X-factor means, “It means to serve those you care for with true compassion from your heart, honesty from your soul, and the integrity to always treat others the way you want to be treated.”

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