Ruth Maina, LPN

Meet Ruth Maina, a LPN, in the Overland Park region!

“I have been working with Phoenix for sixteen months, but feels like I have been a part of the family a lot longer.”

“I thrive and feel emotionally full when caring and serving others how I feel Christ would.”

“I am currently in school to increase my knowledge in how to be more effective and efficient in caring for others. I recently got married and enjoy spending time with my husband who I call “Bo” short for Boaz. The joke is, “My husband was RUTHLESS before he met me.”

“Before coming to America life was much different but family was always there. In Home Care you have the potential to be like family with the people you’re with. When we came over in 2011, my brother collapsed at school, 2 months into being in America and we found out my brother had cancer he was 13 years old. I went to cancer camps with my brother and this is how I found my calling. Being with him during this season, seeing how everything worked created a spark in my life and since then I have been pursuing it. A year later cancer has taken my brother but I use this experience to bring life and peace to others. The quality of life he had spending time with us, his family, and receiving hugs and kisses without fail was beyond any other. Home care adds more quality of life for the whole family. I not only care for the child who I have for the night or day but with home care, I care for the family and allow them to not stress about their child and only focus on loving and caring for them.”

“I chose Phoenix because of the Christlike values. I am Christ follower myself and I believe that the best way to care for others is to put the needs of others above yourself and finding a company that is focused on those fundamental principles is a win-win.”

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