Signs Your Parents Are Receiving Quality Elderly Care

Coming to terms with the idea that your parents need to move into an elderly care facility isn’t easy. You may think you’re forcing them to give up their freedom. However, elderly care facilities are often just the opposite, because they provide seniors with many opportunities they never had the chance to pursue. If you’re skeptical about your parents’ or loved ones’ elderly care, read on for some signs to look for to ensure they’re getting quality care.

Mood Has Increased

Moving a parent or loved one into home care is a difficult adjustment. They may feel as if they’re sacrificing their freedom or giving up the small pleasures of life because they need extra assistance. However, an excellent elderly care facility will brighten the mood of your loved one even if they’re skeptical about receiving additional care. They may feel better physically and be in a happier mood when you see them. Quality elderly care will make your loved one feel better about the situation they’re in despite their disabilities or health problems.

Have More Energy

An elderly care facility should be assisting your parent or loved one with everyday tasks such as feeding them meals, helping them get dressed, and cleaning their living space. Having someone help them with these tasks should give them additional energy throughout the day to pursue interests like reading or working on a hobby that they’re passionate about. If you notice your loved one take up an activity they never had time for in the past, this is a good sign they’re well taken care of.

Active Participation In Events

Some elderly care patients may end up watching television all day. While TV is not a terrible activity, quality elderly care will help your loved one engage in activities to keep their mind and body occupied. This can be as simple as taking a walk outside, attending an exercise class, or joining friends for a reading group. A quality elderly care team will make sure that your loved one is active and not sitting around all day. 

Eating Healthy Meals

The elderly have a habit of neglecting or forgetting to eat their meals as they age. A loved one’s diet at this age is very important due to the health consequences that can come from neglecting their nutrition. An elderly care team that provides your loved one with good food options will ensure that they get the nutrients they need to continue living a healthy lifestyle. If your parent raves about the meals being served, then they’re in the hands of an excellent health care team. 

Get Quality Care at Phoenix

If you are considering hospice or home care options for your parents or loved ones, Phoenix Home Care & Hospice will make sure they’re well taken care of. Call us today or visit one of our locations for more information about Phoenix Home Care & Hospice.

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