Trey English, LPN

Meet Trey English, LPN in our St. Louis region! Trey is an exceptional nurse serving pediatric clients!

“When I was a sophomore in high school there was a strong hurricane that came through my town and caused a lot of damage. My grandmother ended up breaking her arm from a fall. I was taking care of her and it was my determination to take care of her the best that I could. That gave me a passion for helping people. That same determination that I had for my grandmother has spilled over to all of my patient’s and clients. ”

“Before the pandemic began my family and I enjoyed going door to door in our community and talking with ones and teaching them about what the Bible says. Since the pandemic began, we have not been going door to door, instead we have been writing letters to ones in our community with the goal of discussing what God’s Word the Bible says and spreading a message of hope. I recently participated in a global campaign that distributed a special edition of the “Watchtower” magazine. It spoke about God’s Kingdom and how it would soon end all the problems that we face today.”

“I believe that home care provides a rewarding and enjoyable experience for both me and the client. Also, in regards to the client, receiving health care services at home instead of a facility can go a long way in the healing and the maintenance of the health, both physically and mentally. Phoenix has been a wonderful partner in allowing me to provide the best possible care that I can. They have shown me that they always have the best interest of clients and staff at heart. Because of their competitive compensation and benefits, I am able to provide for my family as well.”

“Phoenix is a great company to work for. They are always available if you have any questions or issues. They truly value their clients and staff. “

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