What It’s Like Being Part of the Springfield Phoenix Home Care Family

At Phoenix Home Care in Springfield, Missouri, we have worked hard to build a culture that we can be proud of. Through our core values and principles, our business practices, and the talent and hard work of the Phoenix team, we believe working at Phoenix Home Care is better than ever. Learn what it is like to be part of the Phoenix family in Springfield, Missouri

Taking Flight With Phoenix Home Care

At Phoenix, we know that culture is the bedrock of any organization or business. Establishing the values and principles that other decisions can be based upon offers our team the guidance to make independent decisions that still align with our overall goals. We use the idea of Taking Flight as a way to understand what makes Phoenix special, and how team members can thrive in our culture. Our Taking Flight principles are as follows:

  • Attitude Determines Altitude
  • Deliver Our Mission
  • Believe in You
  • Create Moments and Be Present in Them
  • Be the Wind, Serve Others
  • Manage Turbulence
  • Learn and Share
  • Celebrate Outcomes

These ideas give us our foundation and enable us to understand how to be our best in the work we do. The eight principles are extremely powerful, yet truly achievable. When we bring new members into the Phoenix family, these values and goals enable them to be a part of what is special about our team. 

Why Should You Join the Team?

We have a unique mentality at Phoenix Home Care. We believe in treating our team as ‘volunteers.’ Now, what do we mean by that? We are still going to send your paycheck every week, of course. But our expectations aren’t centered around the idea that you are simply doing a job for a paycheck. Instead, we are always striving to earn our employees respect, loyalty, and confidence. 

We work hard to remain culturally engaged with our people. We want our team members to share our values and remain engaged in the special moments that make home health care so important. Our industry is truly unique, in that you get these special one-on-one moments with the people you serve. It is crucial for our leadership team to do everything in our power to enable our team members to thrive with patients every day. 

Join Phoenix Home Care in Springfield, Missouri Today

If you are interested in joining a team that is invested and engaged with the people we serve, Phoenix Home Care is right for you. Check out our career opportunities online or reach out to our recruitment team at 1-888-830-2388 today.

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