When Harry Met Angie

A Note from a Former Client

Dear Mr. Melugin,

On April 8, 2015, I fell in the back yard, resulting in a huge hematoma. I was admitted to Mercy Hospital for surgery, where I stayed a week. Then we chose Quail Creek Communities for rehabilitation. I spent twenty days there and had to choose a home care agency. Several brochures were given to us. The upshot is that my wife informed the woman at Quail Creek that we did not want Phoenix. A lady sitting there asked why. She turned out to be your representative.

My wife and I had already had one interview that was a hard sales pitch that turned us off. Joyce, my wife, brought her back to my room for a talk. We were so impressed with her that we signed up. I do wish I could remember her name.

When we moved home, I was scared because of the huge gaping hole in my leg and was a bit worried about what kind of person the nurse would be. Then Angie Smith showed up at our door. My whole life changed. She came twice a day for a long time, then only once a day for Joyce decided she could dress my wound in the evening.

Angie became the highlight of our day. She is so compassionate and has such a down-to-earth personality that we hit it off right away. Angie would hit the door in the morning and holler something like this: “Are you up? I’m in a hurry.”

I would yell back, “Heck no, I’m not up. Come back at noon.” And so the banter went on. We had so much fun sometimes, I forgot I was hurt. I believe she would go to great lengths to take care of her patients. I know she did that for me.

Joyce was in the habit of going over to Walnut Grove to ride horses with a friend. The horse she had been riding went home to its owner; she had to ride a different horse one morning. That horse ran into the barn and slammed Joyce into the wall, knocking her off and breaking several ribs. She made her friend promise not to tell me, but following the ambulance to town, she decided to call me.

There I was, homebound out by Willard, alone with my hysterical daughter. I didn’t know what to do. I finally decided to call Angie, who told me that she was at the office and would go right over to Mercy. She found Joyce back in a room in the emergency area, alone and in great pain. She got help immediately (no surprise there).

Angie called me to let me know that Joyce wasn’t critical but in great pain. That was a great comfort for me. She stayed there to bring Joyce home, but by that time, Joyce’s friend was found in the waiting room and brought her home.

I am so thankful, as is Joyce, for this precious soul who brought us assistance, comfort, and compassion during our time of need. When it came time for my care to end, we were so sad to see Angie go. She had become part of our family. We still keep in touch now and again by texting, but it isn’t the same.

You have such a jewel in Angie Smith. I hope that you appreciate all she does for your company’s image.

In addition, everyone who came to see me – the weekend nurses, the occupational therapist, the physical therapists, and the people who came to evaluate my progress were all top notch. If anyone asks where to go for home care, I’ll say Phoenix Home Care.

Thank you for providing the greater Springfield area with such wonderful home care.

And lastly, please accept my apology for being so long in writing this letter. It should have been sent long ago.

Harry and Joyce Cook (and the dogs, Max and Koco)

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