5 Benefits of Being a Registered Nurse

If you’re thinking about a career in the medical field, you may want to consider being a registered nurse, also known as an RN. Not only is it a financially rewarding profession, but it’s also an emotionally fulfilling one. Phoenix Home Care explains five benefits of being a registered nurse in the medical field.

1) There’s Always a Demand for Nurses

Each and every day, people become injured or ill, so there is always a demand for qualified nursing professionals. When you become a registered nurse, you are able to provide healing and comfort to patients and their families. As an RN, you will be a part of a critical industry that offers excellent job security and compensation.

2) A Flexible Schedule

Nurses often work long hours during a shift, however, they also often have very flexible schedules. Whether you want to work nights, weekends or have certain days off, most employers are happy to work with your schedule. Nurses can often choose their shifts and decide how many they want to take. You can build your work schedule around your life schedule. Whether you are running a business or raising a family, registered nurses have the flexibility to make their schedule work for them.

3) Many Opportunities to Advance Your Career

When you become an RN, you can stay in a job you love or you can continue your education and advance your career. Being an RN offers many opportunities to move up in the medical field. You can advance from registered nurse to nurse practitioner, or you can transition into an administrative role, or you can become an educator and train the next generation of nursing students. These upper-level positions may require additional certifications and training, but many employers encourage advancement and will even pay for your continued education.

4) You’ll Help People Every Day

One of the main reasons people go into nursing is to help people in need. This can be one of the most rewarding benefits of being an RN. Whether you are saving lives in surgery, curing illness in the ICU, or comforting patients and their families, you will be making a life-changing difference every day. While nursing may not be the easiest job, knowing you made a difference for someone in need can be very rewarding.

5) You Can Work Anywhere

The demand for nurses is high, and hospitals everywhere are always hiring. If you decide you don’t want to work in a hospital, there are positions available in schools, government agencies, home care facilities, and more. You can even be a traveling nurse and visit multiple countries!

Start Your RN Career At Phoenix Home Care

If you’re looking to jumpstart your medical career, start with Phoenix Home Care. We offer many medical positions and opportunities throughout the Midwest that may be perfect for you. Visit our jobs page for more information.

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