Brooke Panzer

Meet Brooke Panzer, a RN, in the Wichita region!

“I have only been with Phoenix for about 3.5 months, but long enough to know I LOVE IT!” “God give the the passion to do what I do everyday. There are three things I’m certain he put me here to do, be a mother, a wife, and a nurse.”

“Outside of work I spend pretty much every second with my family. We love to cook out, go for walks, play kickball, swim, spend lots of time at the gym, and love pretty much anything outside! I have 5 kiddos, a husband, and a super close extended family. They’re all I need!”

“I chose Home Care because I want to help others, and what a better wat to do that than educate them to be independent and safe in their home.”

“Why did I chose Phoenix? That’s Easy! THEY CARE!”

“Phoenix is exceptional at showing appreciation and care to their employees. Sometimes it’s a thank you and gift card in the mail, maybe a t-shirt, or just a text saying Thanks. Words of affirmation are nice sometimes. But what really sets Phoenix apart for me are the Daily Word emails. The core values are definitely in line with my core values. The whole love thy neighbor thing… that’s what we are doing at Phoenix. everyday.”

“If you are contemplating working at Phoenix Home Care? Do it! I have tried to get some of my friends who are in nursing to try home health, it seems like everyone is afraid of it for some reason. I will admit it’s kind of crazy sometimes, but it’s awfully rewarding, super flexible, no two days are the same, and it’s NEVER dull or boring! Take a chance, I’d bet you wouldn’t regret it!”

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