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Services through Phoenix’s Department of Mental Health provide everyday assistance to individuals with developmental disabilities. Those with additional healthcare needs, like pain or chronic illness, may find the in-home care services especially beneficial.

DMH services can also be helpful for caregivers and families who have questions about optimizing their loved one’s care regimen. Through Medicaid, mental health services can include a wide array of assistance, including:

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Who Is Eligible for DMH Services?

DMH services can be customized to suit a host of patient needs. Our services can improve the quality of life of individuals with a variety of developmental disabilities, like:

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Why Do DMH Services Matter?

In-home care and Medicaid mental health services provide two very important benefits:

Patient Quality of Life

First and foremost, adult mental health services help improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities. Services like meal preparation, transportation, and bathing can all provide stability and optimal health for patients.

Disability and special needs home care also play an important role in a patient’s mental health. DMH services from an experienced caregiver provide emotional support and social interaction, which are both especially important for special needs adults who may no longer be attending school. Additionally, adults with developmental disabilities can benefit greatly from the structure that in-home care puts in place. Home care providers often develop close, supportive relationships with their patients, offering support and encouragement during daily activities and helping the patient develop vital social skills.

Caregiver Peace of Mind

As the family member or caretaker of an individual with a developmental disability, you want the best for your loved one. In fact, many individuals with disabilities live at home with their families, depending on loved ones to fill essential caretaker roles.

When a family member acts as an individual’s main care provider, it can leave little room for the caretaker’s own goals and livelihood. That can lead to burnout and depression. For that reason, professional in-home care is a great tool to provide respite to family members who double as caretakers.

Disability and special needs home care is also a good option for older adults who are caring for their adult children. The truth is, many adults care for their special needs children well into their golden years, which can lead to anxiety about care after the parent is gone. For that reason, it’s a good idea to get an adult with developmental disabilities accustomed to Medicaid mental health services long before the caretaker parents worry about their own aging or chronic illness.

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