Healthy Children and Youth Private Duty Nursing Enriches Your Child’s Quality of Life

Pediatric Home Care and Services for Young Adults with Specialized Healthcare Needs, Where They’re Most Comfortable

Through remarkable pediatric home care services, clinical excellence, patience, and compassion, Phoenix Home Care & Hospice meets the unique challenges of and advocates for children and young adults with specialized health care needs, while providing support to their families. Our private duty nursing program provided through Missouri or Illinois Medicaid makes your child’s wellness our top priority as they transition from the hospital to your home or adapt to a major diagnosis.

Tailored Services for Your Child’s Unique Healthcare Needs

By being a part of your child’s journey at every step of the way, Phoenix is continually committed to filling your family life with joy and laughter, making every precious moment matter during your family’s new beginning.

Our caring team of nurses build a trusting relationship with and support your child and your family by offering medical assistance tailored to individual needs. Phoenix Home Care’s programs are designed to keep your child as active, independent, and healthy as possible to help maintain a high quality of life.

Pediatric Home Care Services Covered by Medicaid

Following a high standard of care, our compassionate and kind pediatric private duty nurses can help with:

Our team also can help with:

Our team assists with care outside your home as well, in settings such as:
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Frequently-Asked Questions About Private Duty Nursing for Children and Youth

Does my child qualify for Healthy Children and Youth private duty nursing?

If your child lives in Missouri or Illinois and qualifies for these specialized Medicaid services, a helping hand is just a phone call away when you contact Phoenix Home Care & Hospice. Our team can help determine whether your child may be eligible to receive pediatric private duty nursing care, although you will need a physician order and state approval to begin services.

Call us at (855) 881-7442 to learn more about our available services and whether your child is a good candidate for pediatric home care.

How is my child’s private duty nurse assigned?

To ensure optimal outcomes, Phoenix Home Care & Hospice carefully matches your child or teen to a private duty nurse familiar with their healthcare and specialized needs. Our support team works behind the scenes to match the ideal nurse to your family. To learn more about our Healthy Children and Youth private duty nursing program, contact us.

What if my child needs additional assistance, aside from medical care?

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice also provides exceptional services to your child during doctor appointments, at school, summer camps, and more, to help guarantee your family’s daily life is full of beautiful and stress-free experiences. Learn more about our Healthy Children and Youth Personal Care services in Missouri.

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