Customizable Care for Your Loved One’s Situation

Your loved one can maintain their independence for as long as possible with the assistance of compassionate professional caregivers. Personal care services create a safe living environment, facilitate rehabilitation, and uphold your family member’s dignity.

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice private duty care services in Kansas and Missouri are delivered at home, at skilled nursing facilities, and more. A doctor’s order is not required to obtain private duty care, so you can begin services with Phoenix Home Care & Hospice as soon as you need them.

Private duty care services from Phoenix are available in increments between two and 24 hours per day. With Phoenix, you decide when your loved one receives care and create a schedule that meets your needs. Choose how often and for how long private duty caregivers visit; we’ll take care of the rest.

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Private Duty Care Services

Your private duty caregiver is familiar with your family member’s condition, limitations, and capabilities. Your caregiver will build a relationship with you and your loved one and treat them kindly and compassionately. Private duty care services include:
Call Phoenix Home Care & Hospice at (855) 881-7442 for more information about how private duty care services can help you or your loved one. Ask us about our experiential packages!

Frequently-Asked Questions About Private Duty Care

Who can receive private duty care? Who pays for it?

Services are available for youth and adults.

In most cases, private duty care is paid for privately, as an out of pocket expense. Other payment sources could include long-term care (insurance) policy or authorized VA benefits.

Medicare and Medicaid do not pay for private duty care. Caregiver services provided through Medicaid authorization fall under in-home services. Contact Phoenix Home Care & Hospice to learn more about Medicare-paid care options.

What is respite care?

Respite care provides temporary relief for a primary family caregiver. The demands of caring for your loved one can be intense, but respite care gives you a much-needed break, whether it’s just for an afternoon or for extended time away. Respite care is vital for family caregivers; it can restore energy, promote balance, and relieve stress.

What’s the difference between private duty and home health care?

It’s a common and understandable misconception that “home care,” “in home care”, “private duty care,” “home health care,” and “private duty home health care” are all a single service. However, they’re actually separate services at Phoenix. Home health care includes intermittent visits from skilled nurses and therapists as you recover from an illness, surgery, hospitalization, or injury. Home health requires a doctor’s order. Private duty care is caregiver services that provide assistance with daily living that do not require an order from a doctor. Homecare and in home care could be either over those services, if you would like to speak to us about you or your loved one’s specific needs we can help navigate and coordinate the services you or your loved one needs.

You can simultaneously receive home health care and private duty care if you require it. Phoenix offers additional options for patients needing a range of services. Learn more about our full continuum of care.

Do I need private duty care?

If you want to remain where you’re comfortable rather than transfer to a higher level of care facility, or if you simply need extra support with tasks of daily living, private duty care may be right for you. The patient care experts at Phoenix Home Care & Hospice can help you determine which type of care or health services is best for your situation. Call us at (855) 881-7442.

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