Conditions That Generally Meet the Coverage Criteria for Skilled Home Health Include the Following:

To qualify for Medicare or Medicaid home health services, your home health agency must be Medicare and/or Medicaid certified. Phoenix Home Care meets this requirement. Home health care services may be covered under Medicare Part A or Part B.

Skilled Home Health Services

Our Home Care Services focus on giving those most vulnerable in our communities essential and valuable assistance in their recovery and in the management of their conditions. Our trained caregivers specialize in various home health care services to always provide your loved ones with the level of at-home care and professionalism they truly deserve. Our mission is to give back to our clients freedom and dignity while always striving for innovation and compassion.

Medical Social Work

Our approach to medical social work is to utilize a fully comprehensive plan of care, in which we match our resources to your loved one’s individualized needs. We take into consideration individual physical, social, and emotional factors to determine which therapeutic services will be essential. With this approach to home health care services, we can ensure our clients have all the necessary support to gain strength and independence.

Physical Therapy

Many of our clients in need of elderly care benefit from physical therapy services to assist in regaining some or all of their mobility and strength. These services give them a chance for a more independent life. Our skilled physical therapists are able to assess the needs of our clients and provide a custom physical therapy program to address those requirements.

Speech Therapy

Our home health agency offers complex speech therapy programs for clients with speech impediments or difficulties. Phoenix Home Care speech therapy services aim to help people recovering from strokes or who have been diagnosed withParkinson’s disease, dementia, and more.

Occupational Therapy

Anyone who lost their ability to perform daily tasks knows how limiting it is. Our goal is to work with clients on enhancing their motor skills to improve their quality of life and safety. Our skilled home care team is prepared to work with clients at various levels of disability.

Home Health Aide

Home Health Care services address more than just the medical needs of our clients. For their recovery and well-being, it is crucial to take care of their most basic needs and their own familiar environment. We want your loved ones to feel truly at home, providing them with the essential home organization and personal care services.

Specialty Home Health Care Programs

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