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At Phoenix Home Care, we pride ourselves on the dedication and compassion of our team. We understand how tightly-knit the people of Overland Park are. Empathy, compassion, and the feeling of community are interwoven into the culture of our city. Phoenix Home Care & Hospice has been built from the ground up with these shared values.

When Phoenix was created, our founding principals all have known the challenges that come with home care. Each of our members had experienced these difficulties first hand with loved ones of their own. It was these shared experiences that created a drive to develop a better home care agency. We started by considering the values that were important to us. What better example to follow than Christ, we thought. By understanding what truly matters, we were able to design a home care and hospice agency built on compassion, honesty, patience, and empathy. When we combined the innovation and skill of our team, our company was born.

It is our mission to offer new beginnings and meaningful opportunities to caregivers and clinicians while providing the absolute best service to our clients. We believe we have achieved this marriage of values and skill with Phoenix Home Care. Our Overland Park office is comprised of wonderful, talented members of our community — each dedicated to improving the lives of members of the people of our city.

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