Healthy Children and Youth Personal Care in Missouri

Medicaid Personal Services Meet the Unique Challenges of Special Needs Kids and Teens

Through personal care and advanced personal care services, children and youth with specialized care needs enjoy a better quality of life and make memories with their families without the interference of the stress of day-to-day care tasks. Compassionate caregivers build a trusting relationship with your child as they ensure their needs are met. At Phoenix Home Care & Hospice, our Healthy Children and Youth Personal Care services are offered through Missouri Medicaid and administered by the Bureau of Special Health Care Needs.

Customized Care from Birth to Age 21

Through home visits and community resources, children with specialized needs can remain at home with their families, where they feel safe and comfortable. Healthy Children and Youth Personal Care services allows families to make memories, laugh, and enjoy time together with support from compassionate caregivers.

Caregivers respond to and anticipate your child’s every need to help them stay healthy, while family caregivers are able to focus on household responsibilities, work, and self care. Maintaining a high quality of life is the foundational goal for our services.

Medicaid Personal Services for Children and Youth

The Missouri Bureau of Special Health Care Needs, a division of the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), considers your child’s needs assessment and overall health when approving personal care and advanced personal care from Phoenix Home Care & Hospice.

Your child’s caregiver can help with:

Other Services

Navigating care for your child with specialized needs can be difficult. A helping hand is just a phone call away. Let us answer your questions and identify services that could benefit your child and your family. Call us at (855) 881-7442, or send us a message online to learn more.

Frequently-Asked Questions About Healthy Children and Youth Personal Care

Does my child qualify for Healthy Children and Youth personal care services?

If your child resides in Missouri and qualifies for specialized Medicaid services, our team can help determine whether your child may be eligible to receive personal care services. However, keep in mind that only DHSS can make the final determination of eligibility.

Call us at (855) 881-7442 to learn more about our available services and whether your child is a good candidate.

What if my child needs assistance beyond advanced personal care?

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice also provides exceptional in-home care services to your child through our Healthy Children and Youth Private Duty Nursing services in Missouri and Illinois.

Other Services