Dorothy Saller, LPN

“My name is Dorothy Saller, LPN – Private Duty Nursing The office I work out of is the Kansas City/Independence, MO. I’ve been a nurse for over 40 years and love helping others. The joy is in seeing the child and her family grow and in the love they have.”

“Home care because I have done just about every other type of nursing and this has brought me the most satisfaction because of the one on one service I provide. Phoenix because they are Christian based and they care a great deal. In the time I have been with them I have lost two family members and they were there for me. They are great to work for because they work around your schedule. They will give you as many or as few hours as you want. I came in wanting to work enough hours to get insurance but not full time and I am. If you need time off or an emergency arises they work with you. They have you meet the family and child you will be working with ahead of time and talk with them. You discuss what the family needs and what you think you can do and decide if you are a good fit. I have been with the child and family I work with for two and a half years now. This is the job I have enjoyed the most in my career. Yes you will have a few downfalls but any job has them. In my opinion the few problems are worth the satisfaction and enjoyment you will gain.”

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