Gentle and Safe Exercises for Senior Home Care

We’re going through trying times. The Coronavirus has made our entire society worried, and everyone is doing their best to stop the spread of this pandemic. Phoenix Home Care wants you to be as healthy and happy at home as possible. Today’s blog outlines some gentle and safe exercises you can perform for senior home care.

First, Talk to Your Doctor

Before you start any exercise regimen, no matter how gentle or safe the exercises can be, consult with your doctor. This is especially important if you have mobility issues or heart conditions. Every person is different, which is why senior home care must be customized to each of our patients.

1. Wall Snow Angels

Stand about 3 inches away from a wall, and then place your head and lower back against the wall. Put your hands at your side with your palms outward. Then, try to raise your arms above your head as you gently test your range of motion. This exercise helps you balance while improving your flexibility and arm strength. Imagine your arms are the wings of your guardian angel as you hold them above your head! Guardian angels are an everyday part of senior home care!

2. Head Turn

Sit down as you would normally with your back straight. Turn your head slowly to the right or left until you feel a light stretch. Hold that position for a few seconds before slowly turning to the opposite side. This stretch keeps your neck mobile.

3. Single Foot Stand

Stand behind a sturdy, unmovable chair and hold onto the back. Pick up your left foot behind you and balance on your right foot for as long as possible, up to 15 seconds. If you can’t hold your foot, simply sway your body weight to one foot and hold it for several seconds. As part of senior home care, this stretch helps to improve your balance.

4. Slow Walk

Sometimes, the best exercise for senior home care is taking a walk! Clear a walking lane in your home and take a 10-minute walk. Talk to whoever is with you, listen to music, or keep the TV on in the background.

5. Hand Stretch

People with pain in their fingers can help their joint mobility with this simple hand stretch. Spread your fingers as wide as they can go, then make a fist. Repeat the stretching and squeezing motion to improve flexibility and blood flow in your hand as part of senior home care.

Phoenix Home Care & Senior Home Care Services

Your care team can help you with your safe and gentle exercises you can perform at home. We’ll consult with your doctor about which exercises are right for you, and help you stretch and strengthen your muscles as part of a customized senior home care plan. 

Our staff is committed to helping you upon discharge from a medical facility. We’ll assist you with medication and grocery pickup, run errands and go shopping for you, prepare meals, help you with personal hygiene tasks, and perform basic housekeeping chores. We’re ready to meet this challenge during these trying times. 

Contact Phoenix Home Care or call toll-free 1-855-881-7442 for more information.

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