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How Our RN Case Managers Help You Navigate Home Health Care Services

Get Efficient, Organized, and Compassionate Home Health Care from Phoenix

You can receive home health care when recovering from surgery or an illness at home, including assessment and observation of your condition; skilled services, such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy; and social work.

These services from a leading home health care provider, like Phoenix Home Care & Hospice, help you heal in the comfort of home, while avoiding the expenses associated with nursing facilities and frequent hospital visits.

The powerful, driving force behind your home care services is your RN case manager. This Phoenix Home Care & Hospice team member takes the lead on your care to ensure you receive everything you need for an optimal recovery at home.

What Our RN Case Managers Do for Home Health Care Patients

When you choose home health care services, you get a talented team of medical professionals to aid in your recovery, guided by your RN case manager.

An RN case manager is a registered nurse who is responsible for making sure your care is efficiently coordinated. All you need to do is recover at home while your home health care agency takes care of your healthcare needs.

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice’s RN case managers provide the following services:

  1. Provides leadership for your care team: You need a highly experienced member of our home health care team at the helm. Your RN case manager will visit your home and explain our services, conduct an assessment of your needs, and educate you on the approach the care team plans to take based on your doctor’s orders for home health.
  2. Empowers you on your healthcare journey: An RN case manager knows that the better educated you are about your recovery, the more motivated and independent you will become during the process of receiving care. As you recover and get stronger, Phoenix Home Care & Hospice’s team, directed by the RN case manager, will help you take the reins for your care needs and potentially avoid future costly medical expenses by learning how to take care of your condition at home.
  3. Keeps records about your progress: Our RN case managers are responsible for keeping secure records related to your condition, your progress, and all relevant information related to your care and reporting it back to your physician. These confidential notes are highly beneficial, as they inform our team’s care on a day-to-day basis and serve as a record of your recovery.
  4. Ensures high standards of care: RN case managers are on the front line of demonstrating the excellence that Phoenix Home Care & Hospice is known for. You’ll always have the care you need at your home, precisely when we say we will be there, and we go the extra mile with every task, no matter how small, to help you make progress. We are not just any home health care agency. Our home health care team strives to give you the new beginning you deserve in the comfort of your home.
  5. Coordinates interdisciplinary care: Home health care services may include visits from an occupational, speech, or physical therapist, depending on your condition. This interdisciplinary approach allows our care team to provide precise, individualized care for you. Your RN case manager coordinates visits with these healthcare professionals, so you always know what to expect, and there aren’t conflicts or overlaps between forms of care. Your condition requires consistency alongside excellence, and that’s what RN case managers provide.

Patients like you who wish to recover from an injury, surgery, or illness at home should have their care completely optimized, so that effective healing can take place. Phoenix Home Care & Hospice RN case managers are committed to ensuring that every member of the team who visits your home demonstrates our values, including compassion, honesty, and patience, so you can feel better and avoid hospital readmissions.

Get Home Health Care Services From Phoenix

Our RN case managers and your entire home health care team provide the thorough, comprehensive home health care you need. Phoenix Home Care & Hospice believes in the power of healing at home, and we know that begins with our team’s approach to your care.

Although your physician determines whether you could benefit from home health care, you can choose your home health care provider. If you don’t request Phoenix Home Care & Hospice by name, your doctor may select your home health care agency for you.

Instead of leaving this choice to chance, ask for Phoenix. A Medicare-qualified team for home health care near you, Phoenix is here to provide the compassionate care you deserve.

Call (855) 881-7442 or contact us online to learn more about this service.

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