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How to Manage Multiple Health Conditions at Home, Beginning with Home Health Care

Learn How Home Health Services and Other Effective Options Improve Your Quality of Life

When a health condition poses challenges for you, it is difficult to know where to turn. You want to know what services are available and who to rely on.

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice understands these challenges. Our agency provides multiple services to ensure that you get comprehensive, customized care throughout all phases of life. We are here to support you, so you can focus on important decisions about your health and experience the best quality of life possible. This is especially true if you have complex health needs, thanks to home health care and comprehensive disease management services.

Home Health Care from Phoenix Provides Compassionate Care and Peace of Mind

If you just received a new diagnosis, your previous diagnosis has worsened, or if you’ve fallen recently or had a medication change, a physician can order home health services.

To qualify, you must also be homebound, meaning you are not able to leave the home without help from another person, a device that supports your mobility (such as a wheelchair) or special transportation.

After a physician orders home health services, you can get the care you need at home. You can ask for Phoenix Home Care & Hospice by name and benefit from the following home health care services:

  • A thorough assessment and observation of your condition
  • Skilled nursing services
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Social work that provides support for dealing with illness
  • Home health aide services

Phoenix provides essential, high-quality, compassionate care, after home health care services are ordered by a physician. You will receive the support and care you require during this time, right in your own home. As your care journey continues, Phoenix offers additional key services to meet you where you are.

How Comprehensive Disease Management Helps You Manage Multiple Health Conditions

If you are struggling with more than one condition or illness, or if your condition has worsened, you may recognize that a comprehensive approach to your care is needed. Managing multiple conditions is a common challenge among older adults. The CDC estimates that 47% of adults aged 55 and older have at least two chronic conditions, and that number increases to 56% for adults aged 65 and older.

Managing multiple conditions is difficult for a number of reasons:

  • Several doctor’s appointments during the week require scheduling, transportation, and understanding new information from the physician.
  • Medications need to be managed appropriately for each illness.
  • You may experience hospitalizations and emergency room visits as your condition progresses.
  • It can be hard to decipher what resources are available through Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Some patients may recognize that they need guidance on advance care planning, including Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) and Advance Directives. This paperwork ensures that nurses, doctors, and your family understand what kind of care you desire.

Phoenix Home Health & Hospice’s Comprehensive Disease Management (CDM) program thoroughly manages your healthcare needs. We create a complete, individualized plan to address the entire scope of your care, including the aspects of care that may seem difficult for you to manage alone.

Keep in mind that CDM isn’t only for those with life-limiting, untreatable illnesses. You may have health conditions that are incurable, but you are receiving treatment and want to manage this illness effectively by taking advantage of the opportunities available to you. Our CDM program puts these opportunities right in front of you to ensure you are thoroughly taken care of and living the fullest life possible.

Comprehensive Disease Management includes:

  • Establishing goals for your care.
  • Partnering with your physician.
  • Coordinating with needed services through a nurse case manager.
  • Expert knowledge about the care that is available to you throughout your healthcare journey.
  • Developing a plan for disease self-management, so you can make informed decisions as your disease progresses.
  • Facilitating advanced care planning.
  • Identifying and connecting with community resources.
  • Palliative care.

CDM offers a complete care plan, so you can feel confident that you have every form of care at your disposal as you manage your condition. When a plan for the right care is in place, you won’t have to focus on navigating the healthcare system in the same way again.

The Benefits of Comprehensive Disease Management

Comprehensive Disease Management provides several benefits:

  • Lower healthcare costs: CDM provides highly informed solutions for your care. When your health care team is deeply involved with your care, you can limit emergency room visits and hospitalizations. CDM keeps everyone on the same page about how to take care of your condition as it evolves.
  • Less risk of medical complications: Medical complications arising from your health conditions can be challenging. However, CDM provides thorough management. Our skilled healthcare professionals offer their expertise to help you stay healthy and reduce your risk of complications.
  • Access to community resources: It can be difficult to know what services are available to you as you manage your condition. Phoenix helps you find and access these resources, including meal delivery and Medicare and Medicaid services you may be eligible for. We’re here to share our expertise and advocate on your behalf.

Take Care of Your Health Conditions with Home Health Care and More

When you access Phoenix’s services for home health care near you, we ensure your home recovery is completely addressed, including a thorough observation and assessment, skilled nursing, therapies, social work, and home health aide support.

We also provide further healthcare services, including Comprehensive Disease Management, which takes a holistic approach to your care. We put a complete plan in place to ensure you have every resource at your disposal. With our help, you will be able to self-manage your care and rely on skilled healthcare professionals when needed, every step of the way.

Contact Phoenix Home Care & Hospice for exceptional, skilled healthcare services for you or a loved one.

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