Jennifer Owens LPN

Meet Jennifer Owens LPN is on the Private Duty Nursing team in the Columbia, Missouri region. She shares with us why she chose Phoenix and the path she has taken in her LPN career.

“I’ve always wanted to work with kids. I just enjoy it. I worked with assisted living through nursing school and then have children of my own, so working with kids just kind of fell into my lap and I love it.”

“Phoenix Home Care came to my nursing school, they had so much to offer. When I checked it out they were so friendly and helpful and I’ve been with them since I graduated.”

“Phoenix Home Care is a great company to work for, they take care of their nurses. They’ve gone above and beyond.”

“The X-Factor means everything to me. That’s the driving reason nurses do what they do. You have to have all those reasons to be a nurse in my opinion”

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