Jesse Lee

Meet Jesse Lee! Jesse is a caregiver in Columbia, MO.  

We asked Jesse to share with us what gives her the passion to do what she does. She said, “My gift for caregiving comes from the love God shares with me! From the time I was a very small child, I’ve had a vision for caring for others’ needs, in particular, creating a peaceful, comforting, safe place for others to feel happy. My clients become family to me. I don’t thrust my faith on other people and force them into it, but I do pray over every single visit. I pray for them, I pray for their family, the food they eat, and the medicine they take. I pray while I shower them, fix food, sit and visit. The passion is prayer and love.” 

We asked Jesse why she chose Phoenix Home Care & Hospice. She said, “I am passionate about making the world a place where families can feel safe, learn from each other, and have that extra step up that many of us lacked when we came into it. I am active in community work with my church family because we see how the Great Physician also is our empowering Father who loves to give good gifts. When you feel fulfilled and cared for, it gets contagious!” 

“A personal determination for me in my career path was when my mother became chronically ill. She steadily declined over 15 years’ time, losing all her mobility. She died in 2021 from Covid pneumonia, followed by my dad 3 days later. I was one of her main caregivers and I will never regret all the late nights I was up helping her to the bathroom, days spent in the hospital advocating for her to have the proper medication and nutrition, assisting with vocational therapies, and all the late-night talks on the phone when she had insomnia. ” 

“I saw her go from a woman totally frightened by how her body was losing all control and undergoing deep illness, to how she gradually reached out to Jesus and those around her with love and compassion when she couldn’t even reach her glasses without help. ” 

“The biggest lesson I learned from my mom was because of her incapabilities. I know that sounds strange. But I saw that compassion and passion for empathy aren’t captured in your own abilities to succeed, your degrees, or your determination to live even. Empathy comes from recognizing how little we have in strength, reaching out to an eternal, abundant God to fill our void, then letting His goodness run over inside us and splash onto others.” 

“I have loved working for Phoenix from day 1! Phoenix has been interested in my personal needs, moving in sync with my heart and goals in ministry, honoring my heritage and personal convictions, and giving me the proper care as much as is accessible. When I feel cared for, I feel able to care for others. It’s all good and proper to have a logo and training classes that set a standard for people to reach for proper caregiving, even for Christ-like morals. But it’s such a different thing for every member of the workforce to take it upon themselves to not only embody Christ-like compassion, honesty, and patience but also to share and disciple others in living it too. ” 

“We asked Jesse to share with us what she would like to tell others contemplating working at Phoenix Home Care. She said, “I’d say, “Hey come join us! Leave your pride at the door with the mud on your shoes and come get loved on and find meaning in life!” Whoever is the greatest must be the servant. I know that sounds like a politically incorrect thing to say. But it’s the heart of putting others’ needs before your own needs and wants that truly defines those of us who work here at Phoenix Home Care. You don’t have to be a Christian to work for Phoenix Home Care. But you do have to be ready for Jesus and all of us on the Phoenix team to love on you and for you to share that with others! A great tip to remember we love discovering your special gift of you. Open up and let your clients discover your gift of you too. Don’t make this about the paycheck or about the position you hold. Just think of us as family and remember we are here for you and our clients in this way as well. Let’s keep Phoenix going as the hands and feet of the best Physician of all, Jesus Christ!” 

Interested in an opportunity to serve with Phoenix Home Care & Hospice like Jesse? Apply today at or call/text a recruiter at 855-881-7442. 

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