Jesus Ponce, LPN

Meet Jesus Ponce, an exceptional LPN in our Independence region!

“What gives me the passion to do what I do is my faith. I try to do everything for the glory of God. He calls us to work hard, and help/love others. My job serves as my witness of faith, and that is what gives me the passion to do Home Care.”

“I chose Home Care & Phoenix because I have always been an independent worker, dating back to when I was in the military. Home Care is sometimes just you, and the patient. I like Home Care because it allows me to be independent, while still making a difference. I chose Phoenix because even though I’m independent in a home. I am not alone. They are a phone call away if I need something.”

“Phoenix really goes out of their way to show employees they care about them. They are very helpful in so many ways. I remember during the start of the pandemic, they had PPE very quickly. They make sure you have the schedule you need so you don’t get burnt out, and they advocate for you in many ways. I know my office has been there for me personally in many ways these past few years. It’s a great place to work. ”

“What the X Factor means to me is that there are some really good nurses in Home Care. Nurses don’t have to work at a hospital to be effective or to make a difference. The X Factor helps me make that difference, and show others that there are good nurses everywhere, but especially in the Home Care setting. I use the X-Factor to help others where I am, and I know others do the same where they are.”

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