Joy Conner

“This wonderful caregiver jumps at any shift she is given without a complaint in the world. She deserves recognition for all her dedicated hard work she is doing and has done for us.” 

Meet Joy Conner from the Jefferson City area. Joy is new to Phoenix and is making a huge impact on those around her already. 

We asked Joy, “What gives you the passion to do what you do?” She replied, “It’s something I have always wanted to do. I use to help take care of one of my uncles that had cerebral palsy, and I just love helping people that really need help no matter what it is.” 

When asked what she would tell others contemplating Phoenix Home Care and Hospice Joy said, “ If you are caring and have a lot of patience this would be the job for you. For me the best part is hearing the client saying thank you for your help today. It’s the most rewarding thing because I know I truly helped someone. Phoenix is such a welcoming place to work, they are very nice and appreciative people.” 

In her free time Joy loves doing diamond paintings and reading to relax.  

Joy, we are so thankful for you here at Phoenix. You live out our mission each day by reflecting the Christ-like values of Patience, Honesty and Compassion. 

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