Keith Tate

Meet Keith Tate! Keith is a caregiver in the Springfield region!

“My desire to help people. It makes me feel good about myself knowing I’m taking a lot of pressure off of people who are in need of assistance. The people give me my drive. My thought is that there’s always something to do. Just simply ask, “What is there you need to be done because that’s why I’m here…to help.”

“Phoenix actually found me. I was on Instagram and saw an ad and thought, “That’s exactly what I want to do with my life.” I interviewed with Phoenix first and knew right then and there I was in the right place and there was no need to look into other home care businesses. Phoenix is the right fit for me. Everyone is very pleasant. “

“I have been trying to recruit some people. I simply tell them working as a caregiver is so rewarding. You get paid for making other people’s lives better and easier. The job can be hard and challenging at times, but it’s a good “hard,” it’s a good, “challenging.” I have tried to live my life with what the x-factor is all about. When working at Phoenix as a caregiver you must every day keep the X factor in mind. If you simply live by the x-factor you will do a good job and get noticed for it just like I have. Just live by the x-factor and your day should go smoothly. I’m asked, “What does the x-factor mean to you?” Well, it means everything to me. Leave your outside problems at the door when your workday starts, and bring in the X-factor. It is a pleasure working for Phoenix Home Care and Hospice. I hope to work for Phoenix for all the years I have ahead of me.”

Interested in an opportunity to serve with Phoenix Home Care & Hospice like Keith? Apply today at or call/text a recruiter at 855-881-7442.

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