Mallori Qualls, RN

Meet Mallori! Mallori is a Hospice RN in the Wichita, KS region.

“I am very passionate about promoting quality of life and comfort. I believe everyone deserves to have apeaceful death and quality care. Growing up, my mother was a hospice nurse. I learned at a young age,that end of life is just as important as the beginning. I always knew I wanted to be a hospice nurse.”

“There is something so special and intimate about being able to care for people in their own home,wherever they call home. You get to learn about their lives, hear about their accomplishments, and meettheir families. I have met some of the most incredible people while working in home hospice. Phoenix isan amazing company to work for, we are supported, appreciated, and have the best team!”

“Just do it!! You will not regret it! Working in the home is the most rewarding job out there. It is amazinghow different you feel about going to work when you know you are valued and appreciated.”

“The X-factor allows us to do what we do best, care for patients and provide them with high-quality carewhile supporting us along the way!”

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