Marty Holdeman, LPN

Meet Marty Holdeman, LPN in the Independence Region!

“Passion is all about my client, he needs me and depends on me so I do my best to make each day a little special. Doing the same thing every day can get old. We joke a lot about news, politics and religion. He has a great sense of humor.”

“Home care is one on one. You can do a lot of personalized care when there is only one client. I have been with Phoenix 5 years off and on and 3 years with another company. Phoenix was my first PDN position after a year in a nursing home. I am a Christian and love that the owners are also. I have learned that Jesus is the who, what, where, when, and how of ALL of life’s situations.”

“I have been blessed to come and go into different clients homes and each one is special. I take 7 weeks off and volunteer each summer at Sagrada Scholarship Bible Camp. This is a free non-denominational camp run by volunteers at the Lake of the Ozarks. I get to be the nurse sometimes, be a lifeguard, a teacher, a dishwasher, and my favorite is counselor. When camp is over I come home and get back into the work routine. It is sometimes the same job and sometimes different but always great.”

“I am a retired Marine and Police Officer. I went to nursing school after I retired from Sedalia P.D. I started feeling my age, a little old for that type work and nursing allowed me to serve others here and in a mission capacity overseas. The X factor for me is to bring all my life experience to the client making a job much more than just a job, it is a relationship with the client, the parents and the other nurses.”

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