Message from Phil

Hi gang,

I watched from a distance, as did many of you.  It was disconcerting and surreal to see the rioting in Ferguson.  My feelings were not unique – – many sat and watched with sadness and worry, confusion and frustration, anger and a sense of fear.  The whole situation can be summed up in one word – – “tragedy” – – for all who are truly involved.   But the key word in that sentence is “truly”.

The news told stories of protestors throughout the country.  There were high school students, senior citizens, young adults, middle aged professionals, gang members and political activists throughout the country but they were not “truly” involved.  One reporter stopped a protestor mid-sentence and asked her what she was protesting against.  She started laughing and said, “I don’t know.  This is just where the action is… I came along for the ride.”   The friends and families of the Wilsons and the Browns are truly involved.  The jurors, the judge, the business owners, the police officers….  “truly” involved.

What does it mean to be “truly” involved?  Christ knows.

The answer lies in in the word “commitment.” Those who are “truly” involved are committed to seeing it through and making all that has happened count as an investment in something positive in the future. During this season of celebration let us think about the commitment that Christ made for us.  And the New Beginning that His commitment provides us.  He remains the Reason for the Season.

For Ferguson, Missouri and those “truly” involved I wish a positive New Beginning.

We likewise wish all those we serve who are suffering from permanent physical and health related disabilities the Hope of a Blessed New Beginning someday.

Kimberly and I will join Gwen and Santa 🙂 in making home visits to many special needs children tomorrow in St Louis, we cannot wait to see the many happy faces.

“Truly” a wonderful way to have one’s batteries re-charged!


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