Message from Phil

Time and money are both very important treasures in our lives.  We tend to put more value on the one we have less of and crave more.

I am sure we all have wished we had more money…especially at the end of the month, trying to stretch a dollar.
Have you ever said, “I wish I had more time?”  We often say it when the day has gotten away from us or when we wish the weekend would stretch out just a bit longer.

[su_quote]The funny thing is we really don’t want either of those THINGS. We want what those THINGS can provide for us: Relaxation, entertainment, fun, security, adventures, comfort, health, nourishment, togetherness, shelter, education, future, giving….[/su_quote]

We really don’t want more money in our hand. We want what the money will buy or the feeling it creates when we don’t have to worry about having enough of it.

We really don’t want a clock with more time on it.  We want the experiences we can put into that time…hugging our child, reading a good book, having dinner with our loved one, sleeping a few minutes more, finishing up the tasks for our client or patient.

January is the month of resolutions

I find myself thinking about what resolutions I should make to help 2017 be the best year ever.  I know I don’t want to wish for more time or money.  What I do want to make sure of though is that I use the time and money I do have to do the most good.  I won’t waste the time and money I am blessed with.  In that time and with that money I want to make relationships deeper and serve others more.

I believe by doing that – I, and those for whom I care, will be blessed with ENOUGH.  And ENOUGH is just the right amount of everything.

Best Wishes for a Blessed 2017!

Phil 🙂

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