Molly Rush, Occupational Therapist

Meet Molly Rush! She is an Occupational Therapist in the Overland Park region!

“I love being able to give people back independence and purpose in life. I have always loved helping people and this profession allows me to help people while increasing their quality of life. “

“I have worked in various settings as an occupational therapist and Home Health is hands down the best. Being able to work with people and their caregivers in their own environment is unbeatable. People are more comfortable in their own space and you get to work with them first hand on overcoming their natural environmental challenges. Phoenix does an amazing job giving back to their community. They have an “in time of need” fund in which helps people have access to the items they need if they are unable to purchase it themselves. I had a lymphedema client who was unable to purchase her compression garments and Phoenix was able to provide those for her free of charge. Phoenix also has a continuum of care so the clients needs can always be met.”

“Phoenix is one of the first companies I have worked with that values me as an employee and a person. They have a servant leadership approach in which my management always tells me “I work for you.” They want their employees to know they are there for you and if you need them they are available and their door is always open. It is refreshing to have the Vice President of the company walk into the office and greet you by name and have a conversation with you. You are not just an employee, you are a person. “

“At times, our clients might need additional support outside the home. In that case we are able to talk as a team and with the client/family and find the best fit for them on the recovering journey.”

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