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Need Help with Caregiving? Get Respite Care Through Our Private Duty Care Services

Expert Private Duty Caregivers Can Meet Your Respite Needs Now

There’s nothing easy about caring for a loved one with specialized needs. Although it can be rewarding to dedicate yourself to a family member, the experience can feel like an overwhelming full-time job. We admire the strength of anyone who decides to take on a family caregiver role.

At some point, every family caregiver needs a break. Your loved one may need more help than you can deliver on your own. After all, family caregivers have many other tasks and responsibilities outside of family caregiving.

You may be struggling to keep up with your work schedule, family life at home, your own interests, and more. Becoming a family caregiver is a noble undertaking, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect other areas of your life.

If this sounds like the struggle you’re experiencing as a family caregiver, Phoenix Home Care & Hospice has your solution: respite care. Our private duty caregivers give you a break from caregiving, so you can address the other areas of your life that need attention.

Phoenix’s compassionate and understanding private duty caregivers are available now for respite care. Schedule caregiver services with us today for short-term care or consistent visits, ranging from two hours to 24/7 care.

Why Family Caregivers Choose Respite Care from a Private Duty Caregiver

Family caregiving can be exhausting. You do the housework, help with bathing, drive your loved one for appointments and social outings, shop, plan meals, and many other tasks of daily living.

However, like many family caregivers, you may find that you require respite care. You may require this service from Phoenix if:

  • You need at least two hours of time back in a single day to handle other responsibilities.
  • You want to take a temporary break from caregiving.
  • You need to return to work and require a caregiver to take your place.
  • You want to go on vacation to refresh and re-energize.

These are not the only situations where respite care can help. No matter what your situation is, if you need temporary relief (as few as two hours in one day, several days or weeks in a row, or indefinitely) from your caregiver duties, respite care has your answer.

Contact Phoenix Home Care & Hospice to get started. Soon, you’ll be able to meet your needs outside of caregiving, and your loved one will be in good hands.

What Private Duty Caregivers Can Provide During Respite Care

When you select respite care services from a reputable team for caregiver services near you, a private duty caregiver will come to where your loved one resides to take over where you left off.

Our caregivers quickly develop a patient, warm rapport with your loved one and assist with the responsibilities you are used to providing. Our job at Phoenix is to ensure your loved one feels just as comfortable with our caregivers as they do when you’re providing care.

Respite care services include:

  • Meal planning and preparation.
  • Transportation.
  • Grooming and personal hygiene.
  • Companionship.
  • Reminders about medications.
  • Help with pets.
  • And much more.

Long-term care insurance or VA benefits may provide coverage for private duty care. Medicare, Medicaid, and hospice care services also provide breaks for family caregivers outside the scope of private duty care. In addition, many clients personally cover services for their loved one. We’d be happy to help you interpret your loved one’s benefits and create a plan that works for you and your family. Contact Phoenix today about respite care to get the answers you need.

Get In Touch with Our Private Duty Care Team for Respite Care Now

You put a great deal of effort and energy into your loved one’s care. However, a break may be the next best step for you and your loved one. In fact, respite care has been proven to better a caregiver’s relationship with their loved one.

You may find that even after a short-term break, you return to your duties with a refreshed outlook, more energy, and even more empathy than ever.

There’s nothing wrong with letting an expert team for caregiver services near you take the reins for a little while, especially when you know they will deliver exceptional care.

Contact Phoenix Home Care & Hospice today to get respite care from an experienced private duty caregiver. We look forward to serving you, so you can rest assured that even when you’re away, your loved one is cared for.

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