Nicole Dees, RNCM

Today we want to spotlight one of our Springfield Hospice Nurses, Nicole Dees! 

Nicole has been with Phoenix Home Care and Hospice for one year. We asked her, “Why Home Care & Why Phoenix?” She answered, “I used to provide care for oncology services but missed getting to continue following patients once they decided on hospice. I love being around people, learning their history, providing care to assist with their wishes, and to continue their journey to the end of life. Phoenix impressed me with the X-Factor and really focusing on providing assistance for us coworkers and making sure we are able to still focus on our families. I’ve been impressed that our upper management will step up and assist whenever needed, no questions asked.”  

We also asked her, “What does the X-Factor mean to you?” ( The X-Factor is the personal and professional abilities of our nurses and caregivers to use their experience, orientation to serve, skill set, optimism, passion & honesty to bring the very best care to our clients and their families.) Her answer perfectly represents why Phoenix is so lucky to have her, “ The X-Factor means that you go above and beyond providing to everyone, no matter their status, background, race, and home life. Treat everyone as a human being by providing the best care possible. Helping coworkers when needed. And always remembering that we are all human beings and are loved by someone!” 

Nicole is also a wife and mother of three. She loves spending time with her family and carrying on traditions of her grandparents who have passed on.  Nicole is also an avid reader in her free time and enjoys going to bookstores or libraries. 

Nicole, thank you for making a difference in the lives of your patients and your coworkers. Your orientation to serve sets you apart! 

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