How a Healthcare Career Teaches Patience and Empathy

At Phoenix Home Care, we believe that a healthcare career can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. Sure, it can be challenging at times, but the very best healthcare professionals use these challenges to grow and learn. Today, the Phoenix Home Care team will discuss why a healthcare career is so effective at developing important characteristics like patience, empathy, and compassion.

Patience Is Mandatory in a Healthcare Career

Ask any healthcare professional about patients who won’t follow recommendations, even to the detriment of their health. Odds are they will have a story or two to share with you. However, one thing that experienced health professionals learn is that real change takes time and patience. With many chronic conditions, the consequences we are worried about won’t occur immediately. We have time to help our patients figure out the solutions that work for them.

Learn to build a relationship with your patient, help them to make small changes, and work with them through failures; these skills are all part of being a successful healthcare professional. The key to success is long-term adjustments and steady progress. If you want to develop your patience, a career in healthcare might lead to zen-like calm in all aspects of your life!

Empathy and Compassion Will Lead to Better Patient Outcomes

Empathy and compassion are important for any job in the healthcare field. However, it is crucial for home care professionals who work directly with patients and their families. The reality of our profession is we will be working with people who are ill, injured, or dying. So the opportunity to empathize with your patient and show compassion to their families is one of the gifts of our job.

The truth is, many of us will grow close to these people during our time with them. You will quickly learn how important empathy and compassion really are. In fact, many studies show they lead to better patient outcomes. There is a reason that so many of the people in the medical field are great at showing compassion and empathy — it’s incredibly helpful in their work.

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