Rebecca Combs, LPN

Meet Rebecca Combs! Rebecca is an LPN on our Private Duty Nursing team in the O’Fallon, IL area.

We asked Rebecca to share with us what gives her the passion to do what she does. She said, “My passion is to see my patients thrive and know they are safe and well taken care of. It gives me much joy to be able to take care of such sweet children.”

I chose home care because I have been in the medical field for over ten years now and needed something new, it was the best decision I ever made hands down! To work for a company that truly cares about its employees and to work with kiddos that brighten your day 100%. It’s the perfect job.

I encourage other nurses to look into Phoenix Home Care job opportunities. The company truly has your back, and never fails to amaze me the honesty and compassion they show their patients and employees.

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