Ryleigh Stone, RN

Meet Ryleigh Stone, a RN, in the Springfield region!

“Before I started my nursing career, I was taught to care about people. To be kind, to be helpful, and to be generous. Those qualities cost me nothing. After completing nursing school, my first job was in pediatric home health. Ever since then, I knew working with children was where I was meant to be. It was never hard to find the passion to do what I do. Knowing and seeing I make a difference is what makes me continue on this path. It can be difficult at times, but every single day is rewarding.”

“I choose to work for Phoenix Home Care because it allows me to work one on one with some amazing children. The close environment is extremely meaningful to me and seeing the impact I make in these children’s day to day life alone, makes my job extremely rewarding. There is nothing more fulfilling than walking into work, and they give you the biggest smile when you come through the door. That’s what makes me want to show up each day and be the best nurse I can be. I’m very fortunate that I get to be these children’s voice and their advocate when they need me to be.”

Phoenix is a great place to work. The scheduling is flexible, and they allow you to pick who you are most comfortable with. This allows for a positive workplace and gives you the chance to really build a strong relationship with your kiddos and their families.” 

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