The 4 Biggest Rewards of Working in Private Duty Nursing

Experience the Transformative Impact of Caring for a Child or Young Adult In Their Home

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice’s private duty nurses are some of the most essential healthcare professionals in our society. Children and young adults with specialized needs deserve highly engaged, compassionate individuals on their side to experience the best quality of life possible. In particular, they need a nurse to provide medical care at home and take on the many responsibilities that come with this role.

The nurses who take on this role benefit, too. Phoenix’s private duty nurses find that there are many reasons why joining this healthcare service is one of the best professional decisions they’ve ever made.

Keep reading to discover five stand-out reasons nurses enjoy working in pediatric private duty nursing with Team Phoenix. If this role sounds like a good match for you, you can apply online today.

Helping a Vulnerable Population: Children and Young Adults

Young people with specialized healthcare needs are vulnerable for many reasons. For example, the risks and challenges related to their medical care and the social-emotional burden of their conditions can be exceptionally difficult.

Phoenix private duty nurses recognize these difficulties and see their work with children and young adults with specialized needs as a way to demonstrate their values of service and compassion. The ability to ensure the care, wellness, and quality of life for those who require it most is a powerful way to use your professional career for good. Our private duty nurses know they are making a critical difference every time they visit a patient’s home.

Private Duty Nurses Forge Meaningful Relationships With Patients and Their Families

Families who receive private duty nursing services from Phoenix are choosing to bring someone they can trust into their home, family life, and healthcare decision-making. This creates a strong bond between our nurses and the families they serve.

Many private duty nurses become “part of the family” as they experience the ups and downs that are a part of a child’s or young adult’s healthcare journey. Seeing their child thrive and grow is a remarkable experience for parents. It can be equally powerful for private duty nurses who are responsible for this young person’s health and wellness.

These bonds make our pediatric private duty nurses feel deeply respected and connected to their patients and families. They know that their chosen path as healthcare professionals is far more than just a job: it is a calling. You can find your calling as a private duty nurse today by visiting our careers page.

Private Duty Nurses Gain Experience In a Specialized Field

Team Phoenix private duty nurses are a group of professionals who want to challenge themselves in their careers. Working as a pediatric private duty nurse gives our nurses the opportunity to thrive in a setting that can be very different from clinical setting routines.

In the home of a child or young adult with specialized needs, nurses get to utilize and grow their skills with a wide range of equipment, treatments, circumstances, and conditions. Private duty nurses enjoy the chance to educate families about their child’s needs and help them to become even better, more informed family caregivers. Those who are new to the profession and decide to become private duty nurses may choose to specialize in this form of nursing for a long, rewarding, and unique career outside of hospital walls.

Team Phoenix Private Duty Nurses Experience an Ideal Work-Life Balance

Nurses who join the Phoenix Home Care & Hospice private duty nursing team receive unmatched benefits. Our private duty nurses make their own schedule, so they can give themselves fully to their patients, while also finding ample time for rest, friends and families, and other pursuits outside of work.

Additional benefits include:

  • Major medical plans for full- and part-time employees.
  • Spousal insurance.
  • Bonus opportunities.
  • PTO.
  • 401(k).
  • And much more.

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice provides an experience for our nurses that is far different from what many of our team members have found in other roles, including at other private duty nursing agencies near them. The incredible experience of working with young people combined with Team Phoenix’s benefits makes private duty nursing an undeniably rewarding career.

Apply as a Private Duty Nurse with Phoenix Home Care & Hospice

If dedicating your nursing career to children and young adults who need specialized healthcare support at home sounds rewarding to you, an opportunity with Team Phoenix awaits.

Visit the Phoenix Home Care & Hospice careers page now to view private duty nursing roles in your community, alongside all of our nursing roles, and submit your application today.

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