The Role of Compassion in Health Care

Nurse holding the hand of a senior patient

The steady advance of science and technology has done wonders for the medical community. The breadth of treatment available to our patients has never been as broad as it is today. While this has been great for medical practice, in some cases medical professionals have forgotten one incredibly important aspect of treatment — compassion. Today, the Phoenix Home Care team will discuss how we believe compassion is a crucial component for effective treatment.

How Compassion Benefits the Patient

The calming effect of a compassionate doctor is a phenomenon that has been researched and validated again and again. Communication of compassion has been shown to directly impact the patient’s heart rate variation, autonomic nervous system, and stress reduction. Compassion leads to better surgical outcomes, better healing, and reduced readmissions. Patients who receive empathetic consultation have better immune function and less severe symptoms. There is so much research showing the significant benefits of compassionate treatment, yet many medical professionals are uncomfortable with compassion.

Why the Lack of Compassion?

For some medical professionals, the idea that they must remain technically proficient and up-to-date takes precedence over their ability to connect with their patients. Many feel that a professional distance is required to stay logical so they can best treat their patients. However, the reality is that great health care professionals must exhibit both of these traits. There is no reason a medical professional can’t be both proficient and compassionate. The combination of these approaches leads to better medical outcomes.

The Phoenix Home Care Difference

At Phoenix Home Care, we believe that compassion, honesty, and patience are central to the healing process. We look to provide meaningful opportunities for our health care professionals to connect with patients. Our fundamental principle is to improve the quality of life of the people we serve. We understand how tightly interwoven compassion and care are. There are many places you can go to find home health care. While they may all appear similar, we believe it is the culture of a company that makes a difference in the quality of care a patient receives.

Phoenix Home Care has worked to distinguish ourselves from the competition by remaining mindful of our core principles when selecting our employees, developing our training, and forming our leadership practices. Compassion, innovation, and technical proficiency are all at the forefront in any decision we make.
To learn more about the Phoenix Home Care difference, contact our team today.

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