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How Private Duty Caregivers Help Your Loved One to Age in Place

Private Duty Care Offers the Comforts, Independence, and Safety of Home

You and your loved one have decided that home is the best place for them to live. They want to remain in a place that feels safe and comforting. Your loved one doesn’t want to leave the place they call home for somewhere new and unfamiliar. They want to maintain their independence as much as possible.

This is understandable. There is a great deal of wisdom in the decision to age in place. At this stage of life, older adults prefer routine and consistency. If your loved one has lived in the same place for a period of time, it is difficult to say goodbye to long-time neighbors, traditions, and memories.

However, aging in place is much more than just deciding your loved one is going to remain at home. While aging in place is a way to offer familiarity and permanence, there are changes you will need to make, so your loved one’s preferred lifestyle provides the full quality of life they want for themselves. The home will need to be adapted to your loved one’s changing needs.

You and your loved one will need to do some adapting, as well. There are many changes you can make on your own. However, you should also consider the help of a private duty caregiver from Phoenix Home Care & Hospice to ensure this decision to age in place goes smoothly.

Considerations for Your Loved One Who Is Aging in Place

When you and your loved one have decided that aging at the place they call home is the best choice for their quality of life, several considerations need to be made.

To prepare your loved one’s home for their safety, you can prevent accidental falls and injuries by:

  • Installing accessible ramps.
  • Adding no-slip mats.
  • Removing area rugs.
  • Putting in grab bars or other accessibility features in the bathroom.
  • Placing needed items in accessible locations.

After you’ve addressed safety concerns, your loved one could still have many other needs, including:

  • Help with personal care.
  • Meal planning and preparation.
  • Medication reminders.
  • Opportunities to socialize.
  • Transportation plans for shopping, appointments, and errands.
  • Technology for security, emergencies, and keeping in touch with family.

When you start making a list, you’ll begin to recognize that your loved one has many needs, large and small, that must be addressed every day to ensure they are thriving, safe, and cared for. Private duty care services from Phoenix provide many of these needs. Our private duty caregivers work tirelessly to help your loved one to achieve the best quality of life possible.

How Does Private Duty Care from Phoenix Help Older Adults Who Are Aging in Place?

Aging in place is all about your loved one’s desire to carry on with their life as safely and as independently as possible in the comfort of their home.

At Phoenix Home Care & Health, our private duty caregivers are vetted and trained to help your loved one maintain their sense of independence. Our caregivers assist your loved one with daily tasks and alleviate safety concerns through their attentive presence.

Our caregivers make it their mission to take care of your loved one’s needs. They are also highly informed about your loved one’s individual circumstances and condition.

When you elect private duty care services from Phoenix Home Care & Hospice, your caregiver can provide the following assistance and much more:

  • Daily living tasks and activities
  • Companionship and conversation
  • Personal hygiene and grooming
  • Transportation
  • Social outings
  • Basic housekeeping
  • Planning meals and cooking for your loved one

While some older adults require more emphasis on a few of these needs, others require them all. Private duty care evolves with your loved one, so that they can continue aging in place as their condition changes.

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice also offers respite care for caregivers. Respite care provides private duty care services for a minimum of two hours or up to 24/7 care to give family caregivers time for their other responsibilities, get rest, and return refreshed to take care of their loved one again. Even if you don’t necessarily need respite care, these flexible time frames are available through Phoenix’s private duty care services.

The most trusted agency for private duty care near you, Phoenix, meets families where they are. We want your loved one to experience the benefits of living at home, including concurrent nursing through private duty care services.

Get Private Duty Care for Your Loved One, Right in Their Home

By honoring your loved one’s decision to age in place, you are taking the first step toward helping them feel empowered, independent, and capable. The next step is ensuring that all their needs are met where they live. You want to be sure they have the customized assistance they require now and in the future.

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice, the foremost agency for private duty care near you, is ready to introduce you to one of our private duty caregivers. The relationship that your loved one and our caregiver form may be the key to the best quality of life for your loved one. It is comforting to many families to know that we can support your loved one’s desire to be at home with private duty care.

Contact Phoenix to begin a conversation about private duty caregiver services, as well as all our services, such as nursing in addition to private duty care. We look forward to serving you and your loved one.

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